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Klezmer and Jewish Music with a Spritz!

Meet the Katz:

Jay Krulewitch leads most of the tunes with his sprightly sax lines. A lawyer involved in civil rights issues, he's well known in the jazz and blues circles around Seattle.

Harvey Niebulski squeezes his accordion in between a career as a radiologist and avid participation in the Seattle folk community, sitting on the Folklife board of directors.

Marianne Tatom is a PhD music theorist, a freelance editor with a wide clientele, and, not incidentally, a musician with a sharp ear for the vocalisms of klezmer clarinet.

Brad Spear, lawyer by day, flautist by early evening, brings a tempering gentleness to the Klez Katz sound with his limpid, classically trained flute playing.

Thaddeus Spae, when he isn't playing guitarron bass, is the resident trombonick of the group with a 1940's vintage Olds bass trombone that he's owned since he was 13. No fair asking how old he is now.

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